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Current Sermon Series Handouts: "And Justice for All" (Romans)
09/20/2020 Sermon, "Calling a Witness" (4.1-8) - Handout
09/13/2020 Sermon, "You're Welcome" (3.27-31) - Handout
08/23/2020 Sermon, "Satisfied? Satisfied!" (3.21-26) - Handout
08/16/2020 Sermon, "Defining Good" (3.9-20) - Handout
08/09/2020 Sermon, "Who's Judging Who?" (3.1-8) - Handout
08/02/2020 Sermon, "No Foolin'" (2.17-29) - Handout
07/19/2020 Sermon, "No Excuse" (2.12-16) - Handout
07/12/2020 Sermon, "We're All in the Same Boat" (2.1-11) - Handout
06/21/2020 Sermon, "(Un)-Manifest Destiny" (1.18-32) - Handout
06/14/2020 Sermon, "The Key" (1.16-17) - Handout
06/07/2020 Sermon, "For God Is My Witness" (1.8-15) - Handout
05/31/2020 Sermon, "An Introduction to Romans" (1.1-7) - Handout


Hub Sunday Sermon Handouts
07/26/2020 Hub Sunday Sermon by Pastor Andy Braams, "A Vision for Tomorrow" - Handout
06/28/2020 Hub Sunday Sermon by Pastor Andy Braams, "Every Color, Every Race" - Handout


Previous Sermon Series' Handouts
For handouts from the sermon series, "Better Together," click here.
For handouts from the sermon series, "Constant in a World of Change," click here.


Other Documents
05/04/2020 Announcement Resuming Church Services on 05/10/2020 with Social Distancing - Document
03/18/2020 Announcement Cancelling Church Services Through 04/02/2020 - Document




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