Post Renewal Update by Pastor Andy Braams

Each year, during the week of our community fair, the four churches in the town gather together for a time to worship together. This past week was that service, and because the rotation meant another church was responsible for the message, this week’s blog will be different than usual.

On Sunday evening, August 4, our church began a series of discussions to evaluate every part of our ministry. As I have said repeatedly, we are putting “everything on the table.”

The first night was meant to create a culture for the discussions and lay out some very high level goals. My goal as pastor is to make sure we understand the WHY, and to help us clarify the WHAT, and then to release others to determine HOW to best accomplish what needs to be done WHEN, WHERE, and with WHO-ever should be involved.

Thus, our first night focused on gathering information of what the New Testament says that a church should do. I wrote the information on a white board and we will use these items to move forward in our evaluations and discussions. I will plan to share an update in the blog around the end of each month beginning at the end of September. (My handwriting is what it is, but the words are clearly typed out below.)

Share the Word
Care for Orphans and Widows
Keep from Being Polluted by the World
Make Disciples
Glorify God
Exercise Church Discipline
Be a Family of God
Be of One Accord
Love One Another
Love God and Others
Meet Needs
Tithing and Giving
Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
Train Children
Meet in Homes
Expect Persecution

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